Features & Benefits

X24 provides

  • Intrinsically safe electronics approved for wireless load measurement and monitoring in ATEX /IECEx Zones 1 & 2

  • Adaptable and expandable wireless system for safe zones
  • Long battery life of up to five years in the field
  • Wireless transmission range of up to 800 m (half a mile)
  • Proprietary licence free 2.4 GHz, approved for FCC, IC and European use

  • Intuitive software which allows calibration to sensors in under three minutes

  • Wireless strain gauge measurements for load, strain, pressure, force and torque

Multiple usage scenarios

ATEX/IECEx certified wireless transmitters now available to cover multiple usage scenarios in potentially lucrative markets.

Intrinsically safe

Intrinsically safe electronics approved with the latest CSA Group / Sira Certification for ATEX / IECEx Zones 1 & 2.

Adapt to changing environments

Adapt to changing environments with an easy to add, expandable wireless system for new or retrofit installation. ATEX/IECEx certified transmitters send to ‘safe zone’ base stations, gateways, analogue and digital outputs.

Exceptionally reliable signal

Exceptionally reliable signal in environments which are likely to have a high density of metal equipment. High performance for assured and secured transmission.

Reduce Installation and maintenance

Installation costs vastly reduced with quick set up. Save on maintenance down time.

Up to half a mile Transmission distance

Transmission distance up to half a mile (800 m / 2600 ft) and battery lifetime of up to five years.

Enhance your Ex solution with trusted wireless technology

Benefit from our established, tried and tested technology designed and manufactured by the industry leader.

OEM option

OEM option for embedding within sensors and enclosures.

Free Logging and visualisation software

Powerful logging and visualisation software, which is entirely free to download from our website, is used to display and build visual representations of systems with live readings.

Smart Diagnostics for Early Warning

Intuitive software provides audible alarms to indicate under and over range as well as loss in communications. Indicates low battery and other remote sensor states and allows the creation of customised reports.

System Video


handheld display X24–HD

handheld display


The X24-HD is a highly configurable ATEX/IECEx handheld display capable of working with X24 or T24 Transmitter modules. This allows wireless remote viewing and monitoring of various remote inputs such as strain gauge or voltage etc. using 2.4 GHz radio.

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handheld display X24–HD

Cased transmitter


ATEX/IECEx certified telemetry transmitter module in an enclosure which measures strain input and periodically transmits data for receipt by X24 or T24 receivers.

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handheld display X24–HD

OEM transmitter


ATEX/IECEx telemetry transmitter OEM module measures strain input and periodically transmits data for receipt by X24 or T24 receivers.

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T24 transmitter modules collect data from industrial sensors including load, pressure, torque, strain, temperature, pulse, potentiometer and 4-20 mA / 0-10 V conditioned sensors and send it wirelessly.



Wireless base stations collect and configure data from T24 radio telemetry modules. Free software provides simplified configuration, logging and visualisations for Windows PCs.



Wireless data can be displayed on large LED displays or via portable handheld devices.



Wireless receivers allow for data output to devices such as printers, loggers, PLCs and displays.


Battery life is comparable with the T24 range and the battery calculator found here will give an idea of what to expect.

Zone 0 – Permanently or frequently hazardous over long periods.

Zone 1 – Occasionally hazardous.

Zone 2 – Rarely or temporarily hazardous.

Safe Zone – No hazard.

No! The devices are all ATEX certified only with Energiser L91 lithium AA batteries. Fortunately these are readily available around the world.

If you are using the OEM board, refer to the manual for power supply requirements.

No! The device needs to be moved to the safe zone before changing batteries.

Its only as complicated as you make it. Out of the box you just need to select the group key and radio channel to receive all X24/T24 transmitters in that group.

The buzzer used for Overload indication and keypad feedback has an output level of 45dBA.

As power cycling of the X24 modules is not permitted in the hazardous area then pairing to a base station can be achieved by using the Toolkit’s manual pairing method, which is available from the home screen.  See the “click here” button found just below the Pair button.

It is expected that the pairing between the hand held X24-HD and the X24 acquisition module would be established whilst in the safe area.

No, you would need to take the equipment out of the EX area to set it up or change the batteries.

That is correct, the T24-SAe is permanently connected to the ANT-A antenna. The cable has a fixed cable length of 45 mm.

Currently the X24 has no logging feature

No, providing the instructions in the manual are followed and the ‘specific conditions of use’ (ATEX) or the ‘conditions of certification’ (IECEx) are adhered to.

Providing the batteries have the required component approval then the choice of batteries need not be limited to the Energizer L91 Lithium Batteries.

The resistance of the strain gauge can be between 85 and 5000 ohms.

The strain gauge measurement is bi-directional ranging from -3.2mV/V to +3.2mV/V making it suitable for tension and compression load cells.

It is only certified to be used with internal AA Energizer L91 batteries

The resistance of the strain gauge can be between 85 and 5000 Ohms.  The X24-SAe can support up to four 350 Ohm strain gauge bridges attached in paralell (at the expense of reduced battery life).

Battery Life Calculator

See the battery life of your wireless sensing system using our T24 Battery Life Calculator. Link opens in a new window.

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Industry Applications

Hazardous Environments including

Oil & Gas

  • Load measurement of ‘Under the hook’ weighing
  • Force measurement on a Nodding Donkey Pump

Industrial Processing

  • Weight of reactor vessel support structure

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