Powerful App functionality

Our mobile app interface creates uncluttered dashboards for hands-on measurement

…and it’s free

  • Build powerful expressions to define exactly what gets displayed

  • Create multiple projects each with their own dashboard and list of modules

  • Display data from multiple B24 strain bridge modules on your device

  • Choose from five alternative tile types to customize your dashboard

Data from multiple sensors

Our point to point system delivers multiple transmitters to one or many mobile devices and utilises Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

…that’s remarkably power efficient

One to One

Many to One

One to Many

Many to Many

Hands-on system for iOS & Android devices

Designed as a direct link between mobile devices and strain bridge sensors, our Bluetooth® wireless system provides high quality measurement to iOS and Android phones and tablets. With a wide sensitivity range to suit many strain input sensors.

…..ideal for weight, force, pressure, strain gauge

Bluetooth Strain Transmitter
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Hands-on system for iOS & Android devices

handheld display X24–HD

Bluetooth Strain Transmitter


Designed to build measurement systems for hands-on, user friendly access. The B24 Bluetooth system provides close range strain (input) measurements via phone or tablet for instant interaction with data and projects. Connect to up to 12 sensors to a single or multiple mobile devices. Remarkable power efficient electronics offer wide input sensitivity. Available in either ‘C’ style IP67 enclosure with integrated battery holder for ease of integration or bare board format allowing the module to be built into OEM applications.

  • Wide sensitivity input – choose from +/- 6mV/V, +/- 12 mV/V, +/- 24 mV/V, +/- 48mV/V

  • Noise free resolution up to 110,000 counts (16.75 bit)

  • Up to 3 months of continuous use at three samples per second.

  • Monitor up to 12 transmitters by a single device, or multiple devices

  • View App in action

  • Ideal for close range monitoring -up to 90 metres

  • Available in ‘C’ style IP67 enclosure with integrated battery holder or bare board format for OEM applications

User Manual
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handheld display X24–HD

B24 App for iOS  & Android

Our proprietary mobile application is designed for speedy hands on measurement using your own device. Free to download* the streamlined user-interface sails through step by step  configuration of sensors and leads to an uncluttered dashboards which auto-detect Bluetooth transmitters. From here, users can create dashboards with varying degrees of detail depending on the industry application.

  • Display data from your strain bridge module direct to Android or iOS

  • Create real time measurement projects via highly configurable dashboard

  • Choose from 5 different tile types to customise your dashboard

  • Export feature enabling sharing and importing of pre-made dashboards

  • Advanced protection using configurable PINs

  • Data presented as mathematical expressions to define exactly what gets displayed

iOS App
Android App
NET drivers for developers

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View our latest brochure containing more information about our wireless modular system.